Application FAQ

This FAQ page has been created in response to the questions that we have received in past years about the application.

Where can I find the application?

The online application can be found here, and the downloadable application form can be found here.

The downloadable application form boxes have a fixed size. What if my application responses are longer and do not fit in the space provided?

Please limit your responses to the space offered on the application form, and do not attach additional pages. Practice being concise, and focusing on the main points you want to make.

The online application sometimes asks for bullet points for the responses, and sometimes asks to limit responses to 2-3 sentences. Can I write more than that?

Please follow the directions on the online application. If you are directed to answer in bullet points, answer in bullet points. If you are asked to limit your responses to 2-3 sentences, limit your responses to 2-3 sentences. Practice being concise, and focusing on the main points you want to make. The application is intended to collect specific information about the applicant. Applicants are not being evaluated on their writing skills. Please provide the information requested in the format requested.

The application asks for a student ID number. What if I do not have a student ID number?

If you are not currently in the Santa Barbara School District, and do not have a student ID number, leave this field blank.

When is the application due?

The application due dates vary every year. Once they are determined for this year, the dates for your school will be available on the Application Process page.

How do I submit my application?

You have two options:

1.    The online application must be submitted online.

2.    The downloadable application must be submitted in paper form, printed single-sided on two pieces of paper. Please do not staple your application to anything. Submit it in a 9" x 12" envelope with your name on it to the location listed for your school.

Do I have to complete the application online?

No, submitting your application online is not required, but it is preferred. We do provide a fillable PDF form so that students have the option of hand writing or typing their responses and submitting a hard copy of their application. We suggest that students type the application in this case, but it is not required. You may print out the blank application, and fill it out by hand.