Engineering Academy Four-Year Curriculum

The Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy (DPEA) is a four-year program at Dos Pueblos High School that is designed to give students a real-world, interdisciplinary, project-based approach to learning.

The program strives to create a balance between theory and application. Students who graduate from DPEA are prepared to participate in internships and research in both academia and industry while they attend college. This program is structured to run like a business, with students assisting with day-to-day operations of the academy.

Course Areas

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

Engineering Academy:
Five dedicated courses that together compose six class credits, as the Senior Capstone Project is a double-length class.

Engineering Technology

Engineering Sculpture & Design

Engineering Physics

Advanced Engineering Physics

Senior Capstone Project (double-length class)

Social Science: District requires 3 years; suggested sequence shown.


World History
(P or AP)

US History
(P or AP)

Government / Economics
(P or AP)

District requires 4 years

English 9
(P or H)

English 10
(P or H)

English 11
(P, AP, IB, or English 110/111*) 

English 12
(P, AP, IB, 
or English 110/111*)

District requires 3 years; DPEA requires either 4 years or completion of Calculus.

CLASS OF 2018+:

Integrated Math I, II, III, then Precalculus OR
Integrated Math Plus (H) I, II, III, then Calculus AB (AP) or Calculus Math 150/160*

District requires 1 year each of a life science (ie, Biology) and a physical science. The year of physical science is satisfied through the DPEA engineering courses above, but additional courses are recommended.

(P) or Physics 1 (AP)

Consider Physics 2 (AP), Biology (AP),
Chemistry (H or AP)

Language: District requires 2 years of language or visual & performing arts; UC/CSU require 2 years of language plus 1 year of visual & performing arts. The year of visual & performing arts is satisfied through the DPEA engineering courses above. Some colleges require 3 years of language.

World Language

World Language

Consider 3rd or 4th year of language

Physical Education: District requires 2 years

Physical Education

Physical Education

Optional additional Physical Education

Electives / Other:
One semester of Health is required. Additional elective courses are added to meet District requirements for the total number of credits.

Review course handbook for options

Consider Computer Science (AP),
Math 117/114 (Statistics

P= College Prep, H=Honors, AP=Advanced Placement, IB=International Baccalaureate, *SBCC Dual Enrollment