DPEA announces partnership with Crane School

DPEA announces partnership with Crane School

The DPEA is proud to announce a new partnership with Crane School. Teachers from Crane School will be observing DPEA classes in order to implement a similar class at their own school.

The DPEA is proud to announce a partnership with Crane School that will take place over the coming year. Crane teachers will help DPEA teachers in their classes and learn firsthand how to create an Engineering program.

Crane School is a private school in Santa Barbara for students in kindergarden through 8th grade.

Over the course of the next year, two members of Crane School's staff will help the DPEA with teaching and logistics. In exchange, they will recieve training and advice from the DPEA teachers and staff. Next year, they will use what they learned from the DPEA to create their own Engineering program at Crane School.

“We at Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy are very excited to partner with Crane School on this important initiative to bring project-based STEAM education to the elementary school level. We are just now completing our first year of full expansion of the DPEA to 400 students and the Crane partnership will accelerate our efforts to reach out to elementary schools by several years,” said Amir Abo-Shaeer, director of the DPEA.

We're excited to welcome Crane School's help and we look forward to seeing them apply the DPEA's project based learning philosophy to their own school