Business Teams

DPEA students may apply in the spring to be on a business team the following year. Most business team members are sophomores, juniors, and seniors. A few spaces are available to freshmen for fall applications.

The DPEA has about 20 business teams to help it run smoothly. Business Team meetings are held on Monday evenings during the school year from 5-7 pm (not necessarily every week; each team has a unique workload and schedule). Some business teams have students work independently or in small groups.

Business Teams offer students the real-life experience of working in a professional business environment to develop skills that can transfer to the real world. Business teams are mentored by parent and community volunteers with professional expertise.

The DPEA currently has the following Business Teams:

This team organizes admissions-related activities (including Open Houses, public presentations, and the school district Academy Showcase). They also organize the DPEA admissions process in February/March (including recruitment presentations and the interview process).

The Apparel team determines which items to offer for purchase by students and the general public and manages the procurement and orders of all Mechatronics team apparel, including senior jumpsuits. They also attach the sponsor patches and logos to all jumpsuits.

The Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy aims to incorporate artistic originality and creativity in our education by encouraging student participation in the National Art Honor Society. This team collaborates with the art teacher to coordinate field trips and exhibits as well as apply for art grants. This team also played a key role in the landscaping project around the Elings Center for Engineering Education.

This team helps the DPEA shop manager keep the building well-organized and keeps track of the tools and machines used in the building.

Community Service Program Management (CSPM)
This team manages community service opportunities available through the DPEA. Currently, DPEA students can volunteer as tutors on campus at DPHS through the UCSB Pathways Program and the DPHS Seminar Period. Off-campus volunteer opportunities include: local elementary school First Lego Leagues, Girls Inc., and the AVID program at local junior high schools. Student volunteers may choose to apply their accrued hours towards regular DPHS Community Service hours or DPEA "travel credit" towards their Senior Year Mechatronics travel.

This team provides communication to students in the DPEA, including writing blog posts about the student experience.

Grant Writing/Awards
Grants provide a significant source of funding to run the DPEA. This team writes and applies for grants from about seven to eight local and national companies each year.

The Graphics team creates most of the digital graphics and designs related to Mechatronics, including banners, headers and apparel. They also manage the graphics files for the sponsors' logos used for jumpsuit patches. Their designs play a large role in creating and sustaining the DPEA's identity within Dos Pueblos High School and the local community.

Human Resources
This team is responsible for assisting DPEA teachers in staffing the Business Teams, as well as distributing/collecting applications and organizing the Business Team Fair each spring. This team is also responsible for overall administration of the Business Team system including system improvements where needed

Information Technology
This team is responsible for maintaining the computers and user accounts in the Elings Center for Engineering Education. In addition, they perform upgrades to the computer systems.

This team uses video and still cameras to document the academy's activities throughout the school year. Additionally, the team shoots and edits videos for the academy and the DPEA Foundation. Team members are responsible for archiving footage, stills and finished videos. The Photo/Video team works closely with other business teams, including the Web Content, Social Media and Communications.

Presentations and Sponsor Relations
Throughout the year, the Academy demonstrates their education design through presentations. The presentations team is in charge of setting up, rehearsing, organizing, and carrying out all of these presentations. Presentations also give us a chance to show our sponsors where their time and resources are going and solicit new sponsors.

Senior Activities
This team organizes events for just for DPEA seniors and their families including Pizza with the D'Penguineers and End-of-the-Year Potluck Dinner.

Social Media
This team regularly shares engaging pictures and captions of student life at the DPEA. They are the ones that post to our official Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Supply Chain
Running the Engineering Academy involves plenty of money changing hands, and this team manages all of these expenses. They order supplies, keep the business and engineering teams on budget, and record all spending.

Our Travel team organizes student and mentor transportation, hotels, and food for all senior travel, including Mechatronics trips.

Web Content
The Web Content team expands the DPEA's audience by utilizing the web. They manage and update the contents of this website, gathering information and news articles to inform the DPEA community and the public.


At-a-glance facts about DPEA Business Teams & Service Learning Projects:

  • Participation is completely optional for DPEA students.
  • Most Business Team meetings are held on Mondays during various time periods on Monday nights.
  • For students who are unable to commit to Monday during the school year, sometime between 4 and 7 pm, depending on the team. Not every team meets weekly, and some Business Teams meet during lunch. Each team has a unique workload and schedule and some have students work independently or in small groups.
  • Students have the option of earning Community Service hours or variable Course Credit for their participation on a Business Team. However, students CANNOT earn Travel Credit by being on a Business Team.
  • Business Teams are mentored by parent and community volunteers with professional expertise.
  • Business Teams offer students the real-life experience of working in a professional business environment in order to develop skills that can transfer from the academic to the real world.
  • Business Teams require students to learn and apply a variety of business skills including journalism skills, financial skills (such as accounting and purchasing), media skills (such as photography, video, and editing), and communication skills (such as presentations and grant writing).