D'Penguineer Alumna Interview: Christina Daniel

Photo Courtesy of Christina Daniel Photo Courtesy of Christina Daniel

Four Questions to D’Penguineer Alumna, Christina Daniel, DPEA Class of 2012

What year were you on the team and what did you do?

I was on the 2012 robotics team! During build season I helped design our robot's transmissions on CAD software called SolidWorks. I was also a part of the HR Engineering, Scouting, Apparel, and Presentations teams.

Where are you going for college? What majors?

Now I am a first-year at UCLA and I am enjoying it so far! I'm majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and right now I am taking prerequisites.

Did being on the Robotics team have an impact on you? How?

Robotics helped me realize the importance of taking the initiative. When it came time to build our robot, a large responsibility fell on our team's shoulders. There was an enormous amount of work to be done, so completing a given task was often up to only one or two individuals. It was possible that something critical such as remembering to fix a SolidWorks model or packing an item for competition would not be done. The chance of forgetting something important caused me to realize that we could not rely on other people all of the time. We needed to complete tasks on our own even if we weren't asked to do them.

What would you have done differently/ same while on the Robotics team?

I would have liked to focus more time on the business teams because they always have a lot to offer. Business teams enabled me to understand how an organization such as the DPEA functions. They also caused me to think in different ways such as figuring out how to improve systems. Participating on the business teams also helped me realize that systems can always be improved and that there is always something to do—even if one has to actively search for new tasks.