D'Penguineer Alumna Interview: Rashi Singh

Photo Courtesy of Rashi Singh Photo Courtesy of Rashi Singh

Five Questions for D’Penguineer Alumna, Rashi Singh, DPEA Class of 2010

What year were you on the team and what did you do?

I was on the team during the 2009-2010 year. I was part of the technical team focused on the ball collector for my year's robot. I was also on the grant-writing committee and the Chairman's team.

What college did you go to? What majors?

I am currently in the middle of my third year at UCLA. I'm majoring in Psychobiology with a minor in Biomedical Research.

How did being on the Robotics team have an impact on you? How has the Engineering Academy helped you in your overall education? I combined these questions, hope that's okay!

What I love most about the Robotics team is how it allows students to grow in every aspect, from learning how to use a lathe to writing grants to interacting with the judges at the competitions. It really engages students to become leaders of their own learning while simultaneously providing them with skills that are essential for the rest of their life. With each student having both a technical and professional role, the team became more of a self-functioning business that relied on each and every one of us to be responsible, flexible, motivated, and put our best step forward to make every day more productive than the last.

What would you have done differently/same while on the Robotics team?

I really enjoyed my experience as team member my year, and I am glad that more and more students are able to share that similar experience with me!

What are you doing today (goals, work...)?

I'm a student at UCLA hoping to go onto medical school after my four years here to one day, end up as a neuro-surgeon. Beyond schoolwork, I work in a research lab on campus focused on better understanding memory plasticity in the sea slug model and volunteer by teaching tennis to young children with autism. I am also currently the Director of the Alumni Mentor Program through UCLA's Alumni Association, as well as on the executive board for UCLA's Mortar Board and Golden Key International Honor Society Chapters. Over my winter break last year, I was fortunate enough to travel to India to work as a surgical assistant in a charitable eye hospital, an experience I hope to re-live again! I'm loving my life as a Bruin, and relish every chance I get when I can come back to Santa Barbara!