D'Penguineer Alumnus Interview: Anthony Turk

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Turk Photo Courtesy of Anthony Turk

Five Questions to D’Penguineer Alumnus, Anthony Turk, DPEA Class of 2009

What year were you on the team and what did you do?

I was a member of the 2009 team where our FIRST® robotics game was "LUNACY". I had a variety of roles during the build season such as machining, prototyping, and building game playing pieces. The game LUNACY involved a fairly significant human player role and so I was chosen as the human shooter. For a major part of the build season and during the times in between competitions I practiced shooting along with the drive team.

What college did you go to? What majors?

I currently attend the University of California Santa Barbara for mechanical engineering.

How did being on the Robotics team have an impact on you?

Being a part of a "well-oiled machine" team truly helped my overall outlook on what needs to be accomplished in order to create something truly great. Not only did it help my overall engineering understanding, but it also helped me personally with regards to reassuring what I wanted to pursue in college.

What would you have done differently/ same while on the Robotics team?

I wouldn't change a thing I did during my robotics year. Although it was a lot of work and everyone had to come together in order to finish, the results were amazing and we were glad to have a successful season in reaching the world championships in Atlanta, Georgia.

How has the Engineering Academy helped you in your overall education?

The Engineering Academy helped me learn a solid foundation of engineering concepts. I learned how to machine a variety of parts along with how to combine certain systems effectively. The great thing about the Engineering Academy is that you get exposed to a variety of tasks which can really help you develop.

What are you doing today (goals, work...)?

I am currently a fourth year at UCSB studying mechanical engineering. I also work at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems as a mechanical engineering intern. In addition, I am currently mentoring the electrical/pneumatics/wheel-module team for the 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition.