Engineering Academy Gets A New Toy

The Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy has recently acquired a new piece of machinery. It’s called a CNC router, and will make a fantastic addition to the program. When asked about this new equipment, Steffen Hausler, the Machine shop manager and teacher at the Engineering Academy, explained that “the machine it is a MultiCam 3000 CNC router. It is a gantry style machine that has a 10 hp 24,000 rpm spindle, 50 in x 100 in of travel and a vacuum table to hold down the parts.” In addition to the specs of this machine Mr. Hausler said that the machine would be put to good use in the engineering academy “We will be using the machine to not only make sheet metal parts for the robot but to also introduce the CNC process to the students of the DPEA via the class projects that will be designed next year.” This will prove to be invaluable to the Senior class during robotics season. By being able to fabricate sheet metal parts they will be able to save time that would have otherwise been spent having to wait for it to be outsourced. Plans are in the works to get the machine up and running as soon as possible. Mr. Hausler assures that “this week we are doing the final electrical installation and next week we have the final setup installation. Ideally we will be using the machine over the summer to machine all the donor plaques.”