2017 DPEA Students Attend SOLIDWORKS Convention


A NOVA episode on PBS, School of the Future, took an in-depth look at changing educational landscapes across the country, including those inside the DPEA.

DPEA Alumni

DPEA alumni can be found in engineering and tech firms, from startups to large established corporations, both here in Santa Barbara County and across the country.

Social Media

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Los Angeles Regional Robotics Competition

Team 1717 competes in their first tournament this season. The Los Angeles Regional Competition will be held at the Long Beach Arena on March 20 – 22. The tournament finals are scheduled to begin right after lunch on Saturday, March 22, and these will be followed by an awards ceremony.

Thursday Morning Live

Thursday Morning Live (TML) offers a variety of enriching opportunities, ranging from lectures and workshops by accomplished individuals, to the opportunity to interact with DPEA peers. Many of these seminars also include a breakfast students cannot miss—waffles, donuts, and sometimes a chocolate fountain.

Season of Stress

Most of these seniors will pull an “all-nighter” at least once during this six week time period which started January 4th, when the First Robotics Challenge was released, and ended February 18th, when the team had to stop working and ship the robot to the competition. Build season is notoriously known to be a season of stress. “Everyone is stressed out to some extent, not only with the robot, but with school and managing their time,” says Nicolas Jones, member of the systems team.

The New Shaeer in Town: Meet Jamil Shaeer

Jamil is the younger brother of Amir Abo-Shaeer, director and founder of the DPEA. He became involved with the DPEA after his brother convinced him to watch Team 1717 compete in the 2008 FIRST robotics championships. He entered the Georgia Dome thinking that it was the nerdiest thing he had ever seen, and about 10 minutes later resolved that it was quite possibly the coolest thing he had ever seen.

The DPEA Goes Green

Art teacher Diana Hemsley and Mr. Shaeer have decided to implement a new “green” project for juniors called “Zero Waste Sculptures.” These art pieces involve using trimmed aluminum pieces from the CNC Lathe that would normally be thrown away to make three-dimensional sculptures. The base of each sculpture has painted-on optical art which, according to Ms.

Mr. Shaeer Earns National Education Award

On February 5, Amir Abo-Shaeer was chosen as one of the first recipients of the new Paul Allen Distinguished Educators (ADE) program, an award and fellowship program that recognizes teachers who provide their students with the chance to explore engineering and entrepreneurship in new and innovative ways. The awards are sponsored by Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft. As one of seven winners of this award, Mr. Shaeer will receive $25,000 and a one-year fellowship program that will allow him to receive strategy and network support.

Mentor Spotlight: Sandy Seale

One big part is the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Foundation (DPEAF), which works to create the support needed to provide an enriching learning experience to the students. Sandy Seale is the president of the DPEAF. “As the head of the Foundation, my responsibilities include overseeing all decisions and working with other members of the Foundation to set policy and strategy for the future of the DPEA.”

Now What? Team 1717 Gets to Work

With the deadline fast approaching, Team 1717 will be pushed to their limits to create a robotic masterpiece.

DPEA Hosting Spanish Open House

Visita y Jornada de Puertas Abiertas de la Academia de Ingeniería de Dos Pueblos (DPEA) - Jueves, 30 de enero de 2014, 6:30-8:00pm - 7266 Alameda Avenue - Centro de Enseñanza de la Ingeniería Elings

Presentación enteramente en español - Se servirán refrescos - Habrá cuidado de niños

Escuche a estudiantes de DPEA y a sus padres hablar sobre sus experiencias en ser parte de DPEA.

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