2017 DPEA Students Attend SOLIDWORKS Convention


A NOVA episode on PBS, School of the Future, took an in-depth look at changing educational landscapes across the country, including those inside the DPEA.

DPEA Alumni

DPEA alumni can be found in engineering and tech firms, from startups to large established corporations, both here in Santa Barbara County and across the country.

Social Media

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DPEA Open House

Are you considering applying to the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy this year? We invite you to come and tour our facility, get your questions answered, and talk with current students about what being in the DPEA is really like.

Sam He Is!

Sam Ridgeway, a DPEA alum, has joined the faculty to assist with the robotics team, among other duties. We spoke with Sam to get some insight about his past experiences, as well as his future plans with Robotics and DPEA.

Students Helping Students

Heather Childers, a freshman in the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy, looked up in confusion from her computer screen. Her hand shot in the air and Racquel Fygenson, a student tutor, came over. “How do I insert another plane onto my sketch?” Heather asked. Racquel explained that Heather needed to have her original plane selected first. “Ohhhh,” Heather replied enthusiastically, “I remember that now! Thanks!” and she diligently got back to work.

DPEA Sophomores Mobile-ize

Each mobile has a cohesive theme. To achieve this, the students displayed their amazing creativity, with themes such as jellyfish, outer space, raindrops, and phases of the moon. Because there were few constraints on the aesthetics of the project, the students designed incredible elements, making each mobile a beautiful, original artistic piece. One student made an element weighing nearly half a kilogram. From another mobile hung twelve objects, each representing a zodiac sign.

Mentor Spotlight: A Ceramic Star

One such mentor is Suzanne McKenzie, a renowned artist, who is currently working on the DPEA art committee. Ms. Mckenzie spoke to PenguiNews about her background and her work with DPEA.

When did you discover your passion for art?

DPEA Open House a Roaring Success!

Attendees ranged from prospective engineering students and parents, to sponsors of the DPEA, to curious community members. This open house exposed the public to the capabilities of the new facility, the novel project-based educational program of the DPEA, and to the DPEA students and staff.

DPEA Leadership Class Kicks Off

The class is taught by Emily Shaeer, with additional involvement by mentor and DPEA Foundation board member Gary Simpson, in a very hands-on way true to the ideals of the entire Engineering Academy. Students see the results of their efforts in this class in a very immediate and direct manner; they have already written formal proposals to convey their thoughts on real problems within the DPEA, and every student is currently a part of one of nine committees working to bring new projects to fruition. The class meets from 5 to 7 pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Ms.

Junior Project

Juniors at the DPEA light the way for the future as they become the first group to take on a new project, designed to envelop an array of engineering skills into one seamless piece of art.

The Moire Sculpture, also known as a kinetic light sculpture, is inspired by a form of art called Moire patterns, in which a set of lines are placed on top of other lines to create an illusion.