2017 DPEA Students Attend SOLIDWORKS Convention


A NOVA episode on PBS, School of the Future, took an in-depth look at changing educational landscapes across the country, including those inside the DPEA.

DPEA Alumni

DPEA alumni can be found in engineering and tech firms, from startups to large established corporations, both here in Santa Barbara County and across the country.

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DPEA takes on the world—and wins major grant

After competing against dozens of worthy organizations from around the world, the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy (DPEA) emerged as one of a handful of winners of a $10,000 grant from the Procter & Gamble Alumni Association. P&G selected DPEA as one of this year’s winners for the project-based science education program’s success in teaching students how to effectively run a business.

D'Penguineer Alumnus Interview: Anthony Turk

What year were you on the team and what did you do?

DPEA Tours for Interested 8th Graders and Their Families

Are you an eighth grade student who is considering attending or transferring to Dos Pueblos High School in order to be eligible to apply to the Engineering Academy? If so, this is a good time for you (and your parents) to check out the Engineering Academy firsthand.

Tour opportunities for 8th graders and their families:
1. Tuesday, January 29th from 7-9 pm
2. Thursday, January 31st from 7-9 pm
3. Thursday, February 7th from 7-9 pm

Robots on the Golf Course! (Frisbee Golf, That Is)

January 5: Frisbee golf is not just for recreation anymore. As of Saturday, it became serious business.

Interview with Sophomore Alainey Hellman

It is well known that Dos Pueblos Engineering program values diversity in both talents and hobbies. One example is Alainey Hellman, currently a sophomore in the Engineering Academy, who continues to pursue her long-established interest in the visual arts through the Engineering program and beyond.

Freshmen Art

If you were to walk into the second period engineering class, you would find 104  freshmen buzzing around the ECEE building steadily constructing their own masterpieces. These students are rotating through four different art projects, with the goal of building knowledge in machining, geometry, and developing an artistic side to build things that look aesthetically pleasing while utilizing their engineering knowledge.

DPEA Machine Shop Teacher

Steffen Hausler is currently the Shop Manager at The Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy. He graduated from Cal Poly in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in 3D art and design and has worked at LCOGT (Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope) as a Mechanical Engineer/ CNC machinist. From a young age Mr. Hausler had a passion for tinkering and building. “I have always been building things and working with my hands. It was a natural progression to pick up mechanical engineering. I started machining the first summer from school.

D'Penguineer Alumna Interview: Christina Daniel

What year were you on the team and what did you do?

I was on the 2012 robotics team! During build season I helped design our robot's transmissions on CAD software called SolidWorks. I was also a part of the HR Engineering, Scouting, Apparel, and Presentations teams.

Where are you going for college? What majors?

Now I am a first-year at UCLA and I am enjoying it so far! I'm majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and right now I am taking prerequisites.

Community Mentors Volunteer to Grow the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy

This year the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy has over fifty mentors who volunteer anywhere from four to twenty hours a week. These mentors impart their business management skills or engineering expertise to a group of 32 receptive seniors that comprise the 2013 Team 1717 FIRST Robotics team. They come from countless local businesses and from retirement to share their skills and experience.