2017 DPEA Students Attend SOLIDWORKS Convention


A NOVA episode on PBS, School of the Future, took an in-depth look at changing educational landscapes across the country, including those inside the DPEA.

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DPEA alumni can be found in engineering and tech firms, from startups to large established corporations, both here in Santa Barbara County and across the country.

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Dos Pueblos robotics team edged out in semifinals

Reprinted with permission of the Santa Barbara News-Press - Sunday, April, 29, 2012



By Hannah Rael, News-Press Correspondent

 The Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy robotics team left St. Louis disappointed by its loss Saturday in the division semifinals of the FIRST Robotics World Championships Saturday, but proud of building a world-class robot.

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End of the Road for D'Penguineers


Team 1717 Won Creativity Award 2012 Sponsored by Xerox

The Xerox Creativity Award celebrates creative design, use of a component, or a creative or unique strategy of play.

This is the second award for team 1717 this year after the Rockwell Innovation in Control Award won in Long Beach Regional.

2012 St Louis Team 1717 Videos Here!


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DP Robotics Team heads to world championship

Reprinted with permission of the Santa Barbara News-Press - Wednesday, April, 25,2012




By Hannah Rael, News-Press Correspondent

Ranked second out of 2,300 in the world, the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Robotics Team 1717 confidently heads to St. Louis today to compete in the FIRST Robotics World Championship held over the next three days at the Edward Jones Dome.

Team 1717 going to the FIRST World Championship

Team 1717 D'Penguineer Supporters:

After finishing in first place at their L.A. and California Central Valley regional competitions, Team 1717 and its robot the Lindsay Rose will compete in the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis from April 25-28!

Entering the championship, the D’Penguineers' robot is rated #1 in offensive power and holds the #2 adjusted ranking in the world -- out of 2,300 total teams!

Information about the championship can be found here: