Students Helping Students

Students Helping Students

Engineering students can come in any day at lunch to receive help from their peers.

Heather Childers, a freshman in the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy, looked up in confusion from her computer screen. Her hand shot in the air and Racquel Fygenson, a student tutor, came over. “How do I insert another plane onto my sketch?” Heather asked. Racquel explained that Heather needed to have her original plane selected first. “Ohhhh,” Heather replied enthusiastically, “I remember that now! Thanks!” and she diligently got back to work.

This kind of peer tutoring goes on every day at the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy. Engineering students can come in any day at lunch to receive help from their peers. Each of the four rooms of the DPEA—the machine shop, Lindsay Rose room, physics room, and computer room—has several assigned peer tutors every day. These tutors sacrifice their lunch time to teach and offer help to their fellow classmates.

Computer room tutor Raquel Fygenson said that she “loves student mentoring. It allows me to improve my skills in the areas that I mentor in while also helping my peers.” When tutoring, Racquel mostly handles the questions relating to Solid Works while her friend and fellow tutor Roshni Kumar handles questions relating to Arduino programming. The girls said that while sometimes there are hardly any students to help, on other days, especially before a big due date, the rooms are packed. They explain that their job isn’t really to teach, but rather to answer questions and iron out the kinks in a student’s knowledge.

The majority of the student tutors are sophomores and juniors, but seniors are also allowed to be involved if they have the time. There is no afterschool commitment; like a club, each tutor picks at least one day that they can commit to every week for the semester. They are assigned a room based on their interest and abilities and will receive community service time for their volunteer work. Any DPEA student who is interested in this wonderful opportunity should talk to Mrs. Ritter and arrange for a meeting to learn the basics of being a tutor and how to teach peers. New tutors can begin at the start of each semester.